Outdoor Accents Quail Farm

...is a full service farm, from bobwhite chicks to stocker quail and flight-conditioned quail.

Our birds are raised by hunters for hunters. We are familiar with the need for good flighty birds and enforce strict silence and isolation. There is no talking around our birds!

Quail Chicks and Flight Conditioned Birds

Our quail farm
is designed from the ground up for "isolation reared" flight-conditioned birds. We integrate new technology and sound rearing principles to produce the best available quail. A quail from our farm is not only wily, but has a good chance of living on his own.

These quail are raised in five feet of ragweed, sunflower maize and various other legumes so that they become familiar with scavenging for food. This also allows the young quail to find hiding places from more aggressive birds.

In developing our quail farm, we annually tore down existing pens to incorporate the latest in automated technology and other improvements. Now we have the best design possible, resulting in  birds that virtually never see a human until crating. Feed is automatically supplied from a 22,000 pound silo, along with nipple waters. This approach, coupled with cover crops, mimics nature very closely.

Because we run our pens at only seventy per cent of recommended capacity, we experience virtually no losses. Work in pens occurs only at night using headlamps, and this helps keep the birds flighty. Also contributing to low mortality is our strict enforcement of bio-security measures. Further reducing the need to enter pens, this not only prevents the introduction of any diseases to the farm, but also results in a healthier, disease-free bird to you!

Hunters can order birds ahead of time. Call ahead and we will have your birds boxed and ready for convenient pickup at your convenience, from early morning until late evening. Click here for our price list.

We are located just off (1/2 mile) IH 35 South, about 30 miles south of San Antonio, Texas. Click here for a map...

Members of
Ducks Unlimited
Texas Flightbird Association
North American Gamebird Association
Quail Unlimited
and we are a Tri-Tronics Dealer.

Outdoor Accents Quail Farm
120 O'Neal     Devine, Texas    78016