Outdoor Accents Quail Farm
        Dog Handling
with well trained, hard working dogs...

Have a ranch or lease with quail, but no dogs to hunt them?

Let Outdoor Accents come to your place and experience well trained, hard working dogs. Hunt over English Pointers, German Shorthair and pointing Labs for the complete upland bird hunt experience! If you missed seasonal rains or are just experiencing the declining quail population, we raise over 35,000 isolation-reared, flight conditioned quail and can bring birds to your locale.

We raise our own birds, from incubating the eggs through adulthood and are known for producing some of the fastest, hardest flying pen raised birds in the south. On several occasions we have had hunters insist the birds were wild where there were no wild birds!

With over 40 years of quail hunting experience, we are sure we can help you enjoy the hunt of a lifetime. Located 35 miles south of San Antonio, right off IH 35 South, we are centrally located; in many instances we are right on the way to the heart of South Texas quail hunting.

$900. per day
(plus fuel)

We are a Tri-Tronics dealer and offer electric collars for 10% off retail.

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Outdoor Accents Quail Farm
120 O'Neal     Devine, Texas    78016